520 Congress Street - Cookie Factory
Irwin M. Lapides (A)
152 Van Houghten Ave.
Passaic, NJ 07055
Ownership: Private
Original Use: Manufacturing (Marshall's Factory/Troy File Works
Present Use: Commercial
Accessibility to the Public
a) Exterior visible from road: Yes
b) Interior accesible: Yes
Building Material: Brick
Roofing Type: Flat Roof
Foundation Material: Stone
Structural System:
Masonry load bearing walls
Condition: Good
Integrity: Original
Threats to the Building: None
Related outbuildings and property:
Surroundings of the building:
Open land, Parking lot
Interrelationship of surroundings
a) Is the structure in an historic district: No
Notable Features: Brick masonry corbelled corice, brick arched lintels, bluestone window sills
Date of construction: 1858
Historical and Architectural Importance:
Original style: Example of industrial architecture
Noticeable additions or restorations: One story addition similar in style /construction to original. Replacement doors and windows- non historic. Second addition on south side-concrete block, circa 1971.