Purpose & Needs

Architectural Characterization


Owner Classification:

  • O - Owner Occupied
  • P - Proximate Owner
  • A - Owner Absent

Condition Definitions:

  • Good - A building/structure that appears to be overall well maintained and is mostly in its original state, particularly with respect to those elevations that are visible from the street.  Minor defects may include some peeling finishes, isolated cracking/spalling of the masonry components.  If additions exist, these usually were constructed to match the original building fabric and are also well maintained.   
  • Fair - A building/structure that appears to be structurally sound, but has somewhat serious exterior defects.  Defects could include severely peeling finishes, deterioration of wood, cracking or spalling of masonry components, rusting or displacement of sheet metal elements.  From a strictly visual standpoint this building may also have had significant alterations (such as added storefronts) or additions that do not match with the original building fabric.   
  • Deteriorated - A building/structure that appears to be in need of significant repairs and or alterations.  Although previous repairs at this structure may sometimes be in place, these are also typically failing.  Defects may include deterioration of finishes, wood components that appears to be severely checked and or rotting, large areas of cracked or spalled masonry components, significant rusting or displacement of sheet metal elements, potential cracked/broken glass.  Sections of the building may appear boarded up.  Note, that some components visible from the exterior may not be structurally sound. 




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