A Brief History of the Mount Ida Neighborhood - Signs and Symbols

 These statistics should be a matter of encouragement for those who care about the neighborhood, as they indicate not only a hesitancy to demolish buildings, but they also evince a much clearer determination to make businesses work before surrendering their potential to the far less stabilizing rental-housing market.  The future of Mount Ida as an independent, thriving community will depend a great deal on the desire and ability to invest in the business of the neighborhood.

[Figure 32] The remnants of the Manning Paper Company that still stand above the banks of the Poesten Kill are both a symbol of a glorious industrial past and a sign that the future of Mount Ida must be staked out separately from the same.  The beauty of Ida Falls is again every bit as breathtaking as it was three-hundred years ago, and those who stop to view it along the busy thoroughfare that is upper Congress Street are richly rewarded.  But the pulse of the neighborhood beats from its heart atop the hill.  That is where the community thrived after the departure of industry, and it is there that a community can once again grow to enjoy the beauty that lies below.  The giant rotor that sits outside the new Polytech Apartments atop the Poesten Kill Gorge is, therefore, perhaps the most appropriate symbol possible for a community that hopes to regain its former glory in brand new ways.








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