Natural Resources

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The following recommendations relate primarily to the natural resources found in Mount Ida and the Poesten Kill Gorge.  Since these assets are capable of playing a key role in the area’s civic improvement, they should be addressed as part of a broader plan for community revitalization and economic development. 
This observation deck was installed in Prospect Park very early in the park’s history, as indicated by its appearance in many early 20th century postcards.  Its prominent location offered a generous view to the south, west and north, including downtown Troy and many miles of the Hudson River valley.  Walkways, seating, and a covered viewing platform helped emphasize these scenic views along the perimeter of the park.  (Circa 1908 postcard courtesy of the Rensselaer County Historical Society)

Prospect Park
Due to its 2007 centennial, Prospect Park improvements should be an immediate priority.  Specific suggestions are listed below.

  • Improve the entrance to the park with better signage and more naturalistic landscaping.  The entrance ought to invite visitors in; it should not look like a barrier designed to keep people out.
  • Areas like the tennis courts encourage people to use the park for both organized events and informal recreation.  The city should work with local sports organizations to build more recreational facilities of this sort.
  • Swimming pools are important summertime gathering places, and refurbishing the pool at Prospect Park would provide a needed form of recreation for neighborhood families.  If pool restoration can’t be done in the immediate future, construction of a wading pool, spray pool or other facility for children to enjoy during hot weather should be considered.
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