Natural Resources

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  • A concession stand would be a great addition to the park.  If the City is unable to operate one, it should investigate contracting with a private vendor, similar to the summertime courtyard café operated at the Troy Public Library.
  • Organize more activities and special events in the park, and promote them widely.  Food festivals, seasonal activities, and sporting events could all draw people to the city, and would provide opportunities for local vendors to showcase their products.
  • Provide interpretive kiosks and markers to highlight the area’s history and geology.
  • Develop hiking trails through wooded areas.  Connect the park to downtown and the gorge with directional and interpretive markers.
  • The park has a natural southwest overlook that is obscured by tree growth.  The area should be cleared out annually to maintain an accessible view of the Hudson River Valley at all times. 

Poesten Kill Gorge
The gorge is a wonderful natural area, but public access to it is not encouraged.  Steps should be taken to open this area to hikers, bird watchers, and others who want to enjoy the scenic beauty tucked away within the city.

  • Identify and develop access routes into the gorge from both the north and south banks.  Ideally, these should be part of a comprehensive trail system connecting the parks, Mount Ida, and downtown.
  • Build a pedestrian bridge across the Kill to allow hikers to explore both parks and as much of the gorge as possible.
  • Clearly delineate private property boundaries to avoid conflicts.
  • Install directional and interpretive markers at appropriate points within the gorge.

Overlook Opportunities
In addition to enjoying the Poesten Kill from the gorge, there are many untapped opportunities for viewing it from above.  A few sites are very promising for this purpose, such as:

  • The lot between the Church of the Ascension and the Cookie Factory.  This location offers a fabulous view of the gorge, and could be developed into a pocket park on land formerly occupied by the Farnham Firehouse.  Since the church is currently unused, the park and building might be developed together into a cultural or community center.


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