Natural Resources

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  • Terraced land between the Cookie Factory and the AAA lot.  Behind the Cookie Factory parking lot are foundations of former factories terraced down the embankment.  With proper access and fencing, this area could become a lovely spot to watch the Poesten Kill Falls to the southeast.
  • An interpretive marker could highlight the role this site has played in the industrial history of Troy, including the Cookie Factory building itself.

Planning and organization
All of these recommendations require leadership and planning.  Citizens must become involved to make sure their voices are heard.  The City of Troy must also place a priority on this area to make improvements a reality.  A few recommendations include:

  • Get involved in planning.  The best way is through a neighborhood organization, but individuals can act on their own as well.  Many Troy neighborhood groups could provide assistance, such as the Pottery District, Little Italy, and Beman Park.  Also, Troy Rehabilitation & Improvement Program (TRIP) is currently facilitating discussions about creating a city-wide system of community associations to help coordinate neighborhood efforts.
  • Meet with city leaders to find out how natural features figure in to the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  Pressure legislators to develop these areas for public access and use.
  • Learn more about the upcoming Department of Transportation (DOT) project and how it will affect parks and natural resources.  Encourage the use of native plant species in all streetscaping.
  • Look into funding sources (including DOT and the NYS Environmental Protection Fund) to construct attractive overlook sites, redesign the park entrance, and preserve existing natural resources.
  • Join local groups, such as the Friends of Prospect Park, to help improve this natural and historic resource.





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