Purpose & Needs

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For example, a number of residents and business owners supported this student project by actively participating in two public neighborhood meetings and contributing ideas.  Additionally, several people supported interviews conducted by various students.  This display of interest and community involvement reflects the beginnings of a renewed sense of neighborhood spirit.  Continued dialogue is needed to further develop and implement plans for neighborhood improvement.  It is recommended and hoped that Mount Ida residents and businesses will continue to network with each other with a goal of creating a more formal neighborhood organization.  Other neighborhoods in the city, including the Pottery District, Little Italy, and Beman Park, can be used as models.

The Design aspect of the Main Street Approach aims to identify and capitalize on the physical attributes of an area.  Oftentimes, such assets become underappreciated due to a number of factors including socio-economic changes, unsympathetic modifications, general lack of maintenance and neglect. Information contained throughout this Mount Ida website serves to identify key assets, reminding stakeholders what they have and pointing out what is available to other interested parties.  In addition, suggestions and recommendations are contained within various sections of the website such as:

Most of the suggestions encourage building upon what already exists within the neighborhood.  Ultimately, the property owners need to decide whether to pursue these suggestions.  Based on Main Street experience, in the near-term, the quality of implementation is more important than quantity.  Success, no matter how small, breeds success; quantity comes with time.

Strengthening the design aspects of the neighborhood fits in with economic restructuring and promotion.  Although new businesses have started recently, the neighborhood would benefit from additional services such as a grocery store and pharmacy.  The neighborhood still contains a number of vacant storefronts and buildings that provide excellent opportunities for economic reuse. As the history section shows, at one time, the Mount Ida neighborhood was a largely self sufficient community.  It could become so again.


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