Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats & Opportunities

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Weaknesses (continued):

  • City’s zoning code may be detrimental to development as it is not geared toward urban planning
  • Some of the building stock needs renovation and maintenance


  • Business district at Fourteenth and Congress is an established retail zone and could provide impetus for future commercial development along the corridor
  • Possible parking areas in the empty lots along Walnut Street
  • More attractive Gateway entrance to Prospect Park is possible
  • Area around AAA property and Cookie Factory is likely a prime area for redevelopment to utilize as a gorge attraction
  • Possibility of accessing a view of the gorge easily and safely along the south side of Congress Street
  • Attractive Ascension Church recently closed) could be used for a theater, restaurant, etc. to help revitalize the neighborhood
  • Opportunity for leasing parking space from the Community Church when the church is not in use
  • RPI and Emma Willard campuses offer the opportunity to attract a large, young population.
  • Potential for traffic calming, streetscaping and safe pedestrian crossings with the new DOT project


  • A high percentage of buildings are absentee owners, less than 25% of the buildings are owner occupied
  • Potential gorge viewing area is a possible safety hazard.
  • Many traditional buildings have been altered and/or have fallen into disrepair
  • Lack of commercial development that serves neighborhood needs
  • There are several empty lots and abandon buildings that breakup the continuity of the community




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