Zoning & Land Use

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The Mount Ida neighborhood is divided into three zoning districts, B-2 Community Commercial, R-2 Two Family Residential and the Conservation area that makes up Prospect Park. The lots adjacent to Congress Street is zoned B-2 and is surrounded by areas which are zoned residential. The residential part of this neighborhood goes from Prospect Park on the west, Pawling Avenue to the east, the Poesten Kill Gorge to the south and Congress Street to the north. The philosophy of the B-2 district is that it is designed to accommodate commercial users that serve more than the immediate neighborhood and must be primarily accessed by automobile. It also states that the intensity and nature of these uses make it an inappropriate residential district. This appears to be a suburban code, similar to a code that would be used where there is a strip mall, and it is not conducive to maintaining the character of this area.  The land use in this area appears to be primarily residential; approximately 65% of the land use in the total project area (yellow properties next page). Commercial uses (red properties below) account for approximately 29% of the land use and community services (teal) and public services (blue) account for the last 4% and 1% respectively.

The uses that are allowed in this area are primarily small service type businesses and restaurants with residences above the first floor, non-intensive health related facilities, and small business offices. The lots can be no bigger than 20,000 square feet with minimum front setback of 10’ and minimum rear setback of 40’.


Map of Zoning districts along the Corridor. (Courtsey of the City of Troy)

This map illustrates the property uses along the Congress Street Corridor.

  • Red: Commercial
  • Cyan: Community Services
  • Blue: Public Services
  • Green: Recreation and Entertainment
  • Yellow: Residential
  • Gray: Vacant

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