Zoning & Land Use

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The maximum lot coverage is 60% and the maximum building height is 40’. There are uses that are allowed in this area only by special permit, for example funeral parlors, membership clubs, bed-and-breakfasts, and gasoline filling stations.  Business signs in the B-2 district may not exceed 100 square feet in area and 50 square feet for each business, home occupation, or office unit on the property and only one sign may protrude more than 9” from the building. The letters should be 9” high. There are design guidelines for signs to encourage appropriate and “compatible” graphic design, colors, etc. the Commission has the final say on signage.

Parking regulations in respect to zoning may be an issue in this area as well. Parking for residential rehabilitation requires 1 space per existing unit and for general merchandise stores 1.5 spaces are required for every 300 sq. ft. of floor area. There are other parking requirements that may apply in this area which can be found in Section 6.500 of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Troy.

There are areas of the project area that are zoned R-2 (see map above) where the philosophy is “… to maintain the integrity of existing traditional two family unit residential neighborhoods and to encourage the construction of duplex units either as infill housing or on a larger scale at a low to medium density.” The minimum lot area for a single family detached is 5800 sq. ft. and a two-family property is 3500 sq. ft. per unit. The maximum lot coverage is 50% and the setbacks are 50’ in the front, 30’ in the rear, and 5’ on either side or 10’ on one side if there is a zero lot line designation. The maximum building height is 35’.

It appears that if this are is to retain its character, the zoning in these areas should be changed. Zoning B-4, central commercial and R-4 urban neighborhood residential seem to be a better fit of this neighborhood. The B-4 zoning has no setback requirement and allows for more commercial uses on the first floor. The R-4 philosophy in part states that it is “…designed to continue the stabilization and upgrading of the City’s oldest and most well established neighborhoods. “  The only issue with the R-4 may be that it does not allow for single family detached houses.




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